Tidbits - 6/3/2016


According to the June Calusa confirmation:

  • The back elevator is still not working
  • They have installed new lighting (hope it is brighter!)
  • They have installed an ATM (you will not have an excuse for not having cash for the snack bar!)


The lights at the exit off of I-275 from I-75 have been hooked up and were in what I would call an awareness mode (flashing red/yellow). Should be in full function for the UKI trial the beginning of September.

July UKI trial

The July UKI trials is open but there is no premium for the trial. Entry is online only and the class schedule is available during entry. For general logistical information, you can refer to the Florida Agility site page or any of the AKC trial premiums for trials being held there this summer. I have added the Turner Center RV form from an OTCPBC trial to the Florida Agility site information.

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