Trial Secretaries & Chairs

  • I will generally list a trial as tentative for the corresponding date (AKC calendar rules) in the next year before or after the completion of the current year trial. Please let me know if your plans change and I can modify the calendar. 
  • You can contact me by using the contact webmaster link in the footer or with my george at floridaagility dot com email address.
  • If you have trouble getting your web site updated, I can host your premium list. Just email the PDF to the email address above. I have seen some web sites that have not had much love! I can handle a Word document but I will convert to a PDF before posting. CAUTION, the pagination on Word documents can change based upon the fonts available on different systems.  Most modern version of Word can export to PDF. It is always best to create the PDF on the system the document was created on.
  • For AKC trials (not handled by a professional trial secretary with a web site), I strongly suggest using the AKC event management to upload the trial premium to the AKC site so that it will be visible in trial searches. This makes it easier for people to find your premium. It also makes it easy for me to find the premiums since I can scan a bunch of events in a few seconds. 
  • If you revise a premium, please let me know. Note, unless I host the premium, I normally just link to the premium on the club/organization web site. If you revise a premium and keep the filename the same I do not need to know. If you change the name, please delete the old copy. That way the person clicking on my link will get a 404 error and complain and I will update the link. 
  • If you need to cancel an event, please let me know. I can also send out a news item if you want.
  • I can get the events that are scheduled by scanning the licensing organization calendars but it is purely a visual scan so I can miss an event (let me know if I do). When the event appears in the organization calendar, I remove the tentative flag from the Floridaagility calendar and if available I add the information from the calendar to the Floridaagility calendar. 
  • This site is a single point of premium notification for all agility venues in Florida. All that like or follow us in Facebook or Twitter, subscribe to a news feed or request email notification will receive a link to your premium. The premium notification includes a link to the club's web site as well as the trial secretary's web site if applicable. 
  • For those of you that are managing an AKC event, I have also created a simple Excel spreadsheet that will also calculate key dates. It is simple to modify so you can tailor it to your requirements. AKC agility event schedule calc.xlsx (under the files menu)
  • I do not actively search for ACT tests  but I will send out the premium/flier like a regular trial if you let me know.
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