Getting Listed

I developed the original list of trainers by searching the web for agility trainers. 

If you are listed and would like additional text or photos on your page, you can email me at george at floridaagility dot com

If you would like to be added, start a dialog using the email address above or the Contact Webmaster link. Please include the following basic information. If you do not have a web site I can include as much static information that you would like.

  • The name you would like to use
  • A web site address (and/or Facebook) if possible - I would like them to get most of the information from you
  • A brief generic description of your training, facility, etc. A paragraph or two description that will have them wanting to train with you. I will just copy and paste it into the site.
  • A mappable address. If you have multiple sites give me the most popular or appropriate. 
  • Contact Information - not necessary if you have a web site with the information. If you provide an email address, I will generate a contact form that has the email address encrypted so it is not available for spammers searching sites for email addresses. The form goes through a server that decrypts the email address and sends it on its merry way. The subject will be formatted so that you know it came from Floridaagility. 
  • I have grouped the trainers into some general geographical areas based upon how they cluster on the map. If you are in a fringe area between clusters, let me know which cluster you would like to be associated with. 
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