Camps, Seminars & ACT 

There is a market for agility camps and seminars but there is a disconnect between the providers and consumers. Many consumers don’t know when, where or who is offering the training and the providers don’t necessarily advertise outside of their own area. With trials, it is pretty easy since the same clubs offer the trials on corresponding weekends every year and they appear in the organization’s event calendars. For the training events they are pretty irregular. 

I would like to help by listing Camps & Seminars in along with the Premiums and put the event on the Calendar (in the camps calendar). They would get distributed along with the premium notifications.

In order to do this, I need the event organizer to send me any or all of the following:

  • Blurb describing the event (something to grab the readers interest)
  • Flier describing the event (handy if you do not have a web site with the info)
  • Link to something describing the event 

I will also require a headline that you want to go on the listing where I normally put the club name in the title. Where I normally put the organization (i.e., AKC, CPE, etc.) in the title I will put “Camp” or “Seminar”. I consider up to one day a Seminar and a two or more day event a “Camp”. The title of the event would be YYYY-MM-DD-SEMINAR/CAMP-Headline in the listings. 

For ACT Events

  • Flier and or entry form
  • Location
  • Contact information if not on the printed documentation

Send this information via the contact webmaster link in the footer of any page or to george at floridaagility dot com

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