If you desire, you can subscribe to the individual venue calendars with your own personal calendar program. The iCal links to each of the venue calendars is located below:

The method used will depend upon each system and application.  If you click on a link, it may open the appropriate application and start the process or you may have to copy the link (usually "right click" and select copy link) and then paste it into the application of your choice (this is usually the safest way if you have multiple apps that handle the iCal links). The following are some examples:


Hover on the link and select copy link from the pop up menu. Then go to settings, mail-calendar-etc, select add account, select other, select Add Subscribed Calendar and paste the link into the Server field. 

Mac Calendar  

Copy link, select File/New Calendar Subscription and paste the link. 

Windows Outlook

Copy link, select Open Calendar/From Internet and paste in the link. 

Google Calendar

Copy link, under Other Calendars, click on the downwards pointing arrow on the right and select “Add by URL” and paste the link into the dialog box.

Yahoo Calendar

Copy link, click on the gear icon under Subscribed Calendars, select "subscribe to other calendars”, paste the link into the iCal Address and fill in the rest of the options and information.

Common Stuff

You will probably be asked to name the calendar, how frequently do you want the calendar to be updated, color, whether you want reminders, etc. 

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