Tidbits 9/21/2015

From the AKC Agility Judges/Trial Secretary blogs

Effective October 1, 2015 deaf dogs will be allowed to compete in Agility, Rally and Tracking. Click for more info

Arcadia Fatigue

Don’t know about the rest of you but I was glad to say goodbye to the Turner Center for a while. It seemed like I was working again and commuting back an forth to work. 


If you are going to the IPOC, ORKC, or Mid-Florida Golden Retriever trials this Fall, consider taking some photos for the site descriptions in Floridaagility. Think of what you would have liked to have seen before you got there. We will be going to other trials on the ORKC and MFGRC weekends and the IPOC trial is a break weekend. IPOC is only about 15 minutes from home so we may drive down to see the place in action. You can email them to george at floridaagility dot com.

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