New Style

I have implemented a new style that should be more mobile friendly. The following are some notes:

  • Menu will be fixed at the top of the page. As you scroll up it will remain at the top of the page. Note, if you have a blue bar at the top of the page that says: "Get notified of new premiums/test schedules & site news” it will cover the menu. However if you scroll up the bar will disappear and the menu will appear. If you click the X at the far right the bar will disappear and the menu will appear. If you click on “Yes please!” it will take you to the Updates page. In either case, you should not see it again for a while unless you regularly delete cookies. 
  • On mobile devices you may get a “stack of pancakes” icon with the word menu. You can click on this to bring up the menu. For example, on my iPad in landscape mode, I get the normal menus but in portrait mode, I get the pancake menu. 
  • The James on the dog walk photo is gone but not entirely. I have the ability to implement a banner image at the top of the page. You can see an example on my test page: Test Page Where we have James in the weaves. The image is specified by a java script so I could dynamically alter the filename based on the day of the week, date in the month, etc. The main thing the photo should be wide and short (so one does not have to scroll much to get it out of the way).
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