Arcadia to build a new arena

Plans have been announced to build a new arena in Arcadia to complement the current AgriCivic Center. From the drawings, it appears to be a covered outdoor arena (not A/C). If they put some Big Ass fans in, it may be usable for dog shows from September through May. They plan to have it done by mid 2017. It may be an option for trials during the cooler months for trials in the South West portion of the state.

Here is a link to the Arcadia Rodeo site with more information.

The following is a news article with some more information:

From reviewing the plan and the drawings, 

  • It will be located to the East of the drainage ditch at the far side of the RV area
  • It will have two entrances to Roan Street
  • There will be a bridge across the ditch from the RV area to the arena
  • There will be a third row of RV spaces backing up to the Ditch
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