Tidbits 7/28/2014


The dates for DACOF through the end of the decade have been added to the calendar. 

For next year, Calusa has restructured their trials in Arcadia as four 3 day trials rather than three 4 day trials. The fourth trial will be September 18-20 2015. 

So far this fall there are three UKI trials scheduled (Sept & Oct) and two additional clubs have joined in the fun. That is six trials thus far this year in the first year of trials in Florida. The following are some of the highlights of UKI:

  • Jump heights similar (but not the same) as AKC with 8” to 26” heights.
  • A “select” class similar to AKC preferred where you jump 4” less
  • Transfer in at your current level. When you register as a handler any dogs that you register at that time can transfer in at the level that they are at in other organizations (AKC, USDAA & CPE). 
  • Very online oriented. Online registration is significantly less $ than paper registration. Online trial entries are included in the service fees charged by UKI. 
  • Not for Competition (NFC). You can declare a run NFC almost up to the time you enter the ring. If you declare a run NFC, you can use the maximum course time to train your dog in the ring. Toys are allowed. 
  • At the higher levels some “international” style handling challenges.
  • For clubs hosting trials, UKI handles some of the tasks that would be handled by the trial secretary during the entry period. A table at the bottom of the following page briefly describes who handles what: https://www.ukagilityinternational.com/DynamicContent.aspx?PageName=About+Us
  • UKI web site
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