Tidbits 3/2/2015

Last year I put together a theoretical RV road trip for Invitational point hounds. It consisted of a four day trial in Arcadia followed by a five day trial in Hattiesburg, MS on the last weekend of the Invitational accrual period. Then to get a jump start on this years point accrual it then went on to West Monroe, LA for a four day trial and then back I-20 and some back roads for the five day Perry cluster and then back to Arcadia for another four day trial. After that trip all involved would be due for a break!

I was looking at wether this would be possible again this year. I could not find any information about the Hattiesburg trials but the club in West Monroe, LA had a flier attached to the premium for their trial this past weekend. The flier indicated that they would have a four day trial on the last weekend in June. The interesting information in the flier was they are hoping to have a Special Event on Thursday with Double Standard and Double JWW runs. That would effectively give them a five day trial in four days. Well timed for the close of the Invitational point accrual period. It is also a way to help fill a day that would have weak attendance.

Other stuff:

I have added some photos of the arena in Ft. Pierce. 

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