Fort Pierce

The trial at the Saint Lucie County fairgrounds went pretty well in my opinion. The arena has permanent bleachers on the all sides except the south side. It does not have the sock staining red clay that Vero has. From where I live in Plant City, Google had the driving time about 5 minutes more than going to Vero (only 3 minutes more if I picked up the turnpike at Yeehaw Junction.) Coming from the North on I-95 would probably be about a half hour longer (it took me 45 minutes to move the RV between the two fairgrounds). 

One of the biggest complains that I heard was you had to go outside of the arena for the concessions. There is a concession stand in the arena. My guess is it enabled the fairgrounds to serve both the agility competitors and the fairgrounds workers who were getting the fairgrounds ready for the county fair which starts this Friday (2/27). There would probably not be enough customers to operate both concession stands and it kept the fairgrounds workers away from the dog crating area near the concession stand in the arena. 

My only complaint was the bleacher seating height was a bit low (a stadium seat to raise my butt up a bit would help - and reduce the heat sucking from the aluminum bleachers). I would also like to see all of the sites in the RV area have 50 amp hookups. 

In short, I would not mind if all the Vero trials were moved to Fort Pierce.

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