Entry Forms

I have updated the links to the AKC and UKC entry forms in the Files section. These can be filled in with your “static” information and saved as a template.  I have also added my latest version of my computer fillable AKC entry form. it has been updated for 24C and since as of June 1 any level dog can compete in the Premier classes, the MASTER/PREMIER options for the STD&JWW class levels are reverted back to just MASTER. This form has drop down menus for things like needs to be measured, sex, etc. The font size for all fill in fields is automatic to give the trial secretary the biggest possible font to make it easier to read. The Preferred/Regular field is special in that it will set the values available for jump height and the various class levels. 

As in previous versions, you can save the static information as a template and then just fill in the per run fees across the top, fill in the club name and the first date of the trial and then check the classes you want to enter. The total fee will be calculated. Then just print. If you want you can also save a copy of the document for your records. I use a file name of mmdd-clubacronym-dogname in a directory for each year. If you save it in some cloud storage you can access them at any time with any device. 

If you want to change the static information (i.e., titles), just load the document, make the change and then save the document before opening the document to enter trial information. 

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