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Directions from I-75 — Exit 224 onto US 301 Westbound. It becomes 10th St. West in Palmetto. Continue to 14th Avenue. Turn right on 14th and continue to the Fairground Entrance.

Directions from Pinellas County – I-275 south over the Skyway Bridge. Take the first exit (US 19 – Exit 5) south. Where US 19 splits into US 41/Business 41, take the Business 41 branch to the right. Turn right onto 17th St. in Palmetto, then left onto 14th Ave. and continue to the Fairgrounds entrance. 

Notes for large vehicles

Both the major turns coming from either direction can present some challenges for large vehicles with tough right turns. Leaving is not as bad since it is mostly left turns!

From I-75 via US-301 the turn from 10th Street West onto 14th Ave West is a tight turn with a utility pole on the corner. You have to swing wide and hope that there is no one in the southbound left turn lane. The following are possible alternatives:

  • Take the ramp northbound on US 41 (just past Walmart) and make a left turn onto 17th street (Racetrak on the NE corner). Continue west on 17th street until you get to 14th Ave West and make a left (just past the high school). However, you have a short distance to get from the ramp to the left turn lane.
  • Turn right at 8th Ave (BR-41 which is four lanes plus a turn lane) and then left at the light at 17th Street. Continue west on 17th street until you get to 14th Ave West and make a left (just past the high school).

From I-275 This is tight right turn from BR-41 onto 17th street. I have a couple of options for you. 

  • Stay on US-41 instead of splitting off on BR-41 and turn right on 17th Street (Racetrak on the  NE corner) and then continue on 17th Street (East and West) until you get to 14th Ave West and turn left and then left into the fairgrounds. The right turn onto 17th Street at this point is a nice wide right turn.
  • From BR-41 turn right on 23rd Street (just past a big church with a tile roof) and wind your way down (keep to the left after the turn) to 14th Ave West where you will make a left turn at the Terra Ceia community entrance. Continue down 14th Ave to the fairgrounds entrance on the left. (this is currently my preferred route)

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