Training Update

I have reviewed the training facilities. I have added a few and removed a few. The ones that I have removed, I will probably go back and review in the fall since this is not a good time of the year for outdoor agility training. The organizations range from a just for fun class at a day care facility to high level training for those planning to compete in national events. 

Would you believe that there are three companies that start out with “Lucky Dog”!

Many of the trainers have a Facebook page and a few have Facebook groups. I now link to the Facebook page along with their web page. A few also have Twitter feeds so I link to that address as well. 

The Florida Agility map now has the trainer pins color coded to my groupings.

Behind the scenes, I now have a Google spreadsheet that has all the contact information. That is used to create the map and update a database that is used to display the information on the individual web pages. Information on the individual pages outside of the contact information is supplied by the training organization. 

If you know of an organization that I do not have in the list, let me know or have them get in contact with me. Just click on the “Contact Webmaster” link at the bottom of any Florida Agility web page. If they don’t have a web presence, I can help provide that with the single information page.  

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