Tidbits 6/10/2015

Training & Combined email and RSS feeds


I have soft opened the new training notification system. The pages affected are marked with a under construction sign.

I will likely email the training organizations that I have email addresses for sometime next week so that they can register and start posting their events. To browse the Bulletin Board, you do not need to register or login. In fact, the only users that I am allowing to register are the “Training Directors”.

The training page will have a link to a page with the most recent posts in the bulletin board. You can also click the Training BB link in the menu to go to the bulletin board (it will open in a new tab or page). Until the training directors start posting their stuff, there are only some of my sample postings out there. 

To avoid a flood (hopefully) of emails and social media postings I will delay posting the bulletin board entries to social media and email for a while. 

Combined email and RSS feed

I have noticed that a number of you subscribe to all the email feeds including the combined which results in some duplicate emails. Towards the end of the month I will go through the list and if you have all three email lists selected and the combined list selected, I will prune the individual lists. You can click on the update subscription preferences at the bottom of your email to select which you want.

No sooner did I find a replacement (Yahoo) for the failed RSS feed combiner, Yahoo just announced a sunset for the tool at the end of September. I will no longer publish a combined RSS feed so you will have to subscribe to the individual feeds. I can handle the combining the feeds for the emails and social media.

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