Tidbits 12/9/2014

The AKC has announced the requirements for the AKC National Agility Championship in March 2016 (http://images.akc.org/agility_nationals/2015/2016_Qualifications.pdf). One additional QQ (5), 100 more MACH/PACH points (600) and the same 20 qualifying runs. Bad Dog Agility did a preliminary analysis of the number of eligible dogs with the 2016 requirements and it was about 550 fewer dogs eligible to compete compared to the same time period for the 2015 requirements. That may help bring the attendance down to a more manageable level. I can imagine that those in areas with few trials (not a problem here in Florida) or those that compete in other venues will complain a bit. Now that the AKC has defined “Special Events” they could possibly come up with regional qualifying events where the top dogs can bypass the standard requirements (maybe for 2017).

I have completed the annual trial statistics for 2014. (Agility Trial StatsThe big gainer was CPE in both trial sets and trial days (and I think the first trial not held in someone’s back yard). Having the CPE nationals in Jacksonville next Spring probably drove a lot of the increase. UKI went from no trials in 2013 to six trial sets and twelve trial days in 2014. 

The UKI national event will be held in Perry, GA in November 2015. One of my favorite trial sites and a reasonable drive from most of Florida.

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