Tidbits 1/1/2015

2016 Tentative Dates

Provider Contacts

2016 Tentative Dates - For 2016 the AKC calendar makes a leap forward. For example, the first weekend this year is January 3-4 but for January 2016 the dates jump to January 9-10. I will be using the AKC calendar to schedule tentative corresponding events for most organizations until I receive information otherwise or it get published in the licensing organization calendar. Naturally all events flagged as tentative in the calendar are just that. 

Provider Contacts -  I am trying to put together a list of contacts for providers so that I can email them separately. I do not anticipate many emails. To that end I have added a “Provider” topic in the email list. A provider could be a club/company contact, trial secretary, trial chair, vendor, etc. If you fall into this category, scroll down to the bottom of this email and click on “update subscription preferences”. If you know of someone in this category, have them go to the Email subscription form. More information about filling in the form can be found at: Updates 

I think this will work well for clubs that like to rotate positions. I do not need to know about changes. One person unsubscribes from the Provider topic and another subscribes to the topic. 

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