Tidbits 10/1/2014

Summertime/Street views/Opening & Closing dates


Summer is over and the temperatures are starting to show a decline. Already, the AKC calendar is getting filled up with trials for next Summer. Thus far, Calusa has four, three day trials scheduled for June, July, August and September, OTCPBC has four day trials scheduled for June and August and Tailwaggers has a four day trial split between July and August. That leaves Sarasota and Treasure Coast yet to be scheduled. With dirt in the arena through the month of September will any other clubs schedule trials at the facility in September. Will Sarasota move their September Palmetto trial there?? Will anyone grab the first weekend in September??

I will have to admit I was tired of Arcadia by the end of the Summer. All the four day trials were draining since you only get a couple of days at home between trials. On the other hand a two day event hardly seems worth the trip. I like Calusa’s decision to go to the four three day trials over the three four day trials. The four day trials will draw people from a further distance. If we were in the hunt for Invitational points, I would have considered the following RV road trip this Summer: Calusa’s four day in June followed by a five day trial in Hattiesburg, MS (finishing this years invitational period), then a four day trial in West Monroe, LA (about 4 hours from Hattiesburg), then stop at Perry on the way back for the five day trial and finally back to Arcadia for another four day trial (could have even stopped at the house for a day or two). That would have been exhausting for all.

Street views

Google is migrating users off their “My Maps” service and on to their new maps structure. In the process, the street view maps are now broken. I will see what I can do to get them fixed. A few of the street views will work since I have replaced the Google views with photos that I have taken. 

Opening & Closing dates

I have started putting the opening and closing dates in the Calendar for AKC trials (dd/mm-dd/mm) so you will have the complete entry period. I did not bother with trials that have already closed. Note, they can change the dates up until the premium is issued. 

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