New AKC Entry Form (Rev-2)

I have revised my latest AKC entry form. It was not always calculating the day of the week properly. (I think it was an order of calculation issue) It is at the top of the Files section.

Tips on use.

  • Fill in your static information for your and your dog and save the form.
  • For a new trial, load the form
    • Enter the per run fees across the top. For example, if the first run is 22, the second run is 12 and the third run is 8, you would enter 22, 12, 8 in the first three boxes respectively. If you are only doing two runs per day you can skip entering the third amount.
    • Enter the Club Name
    • Enter the first date of the trial in m/d/yyyy format in the first date box. The remaining will be filled in and the day of the week displayed for each date. 
    • Check the classes you want to enter. The total fees will be calculated.
  • Print and sign the form
  • Optionally, do a “Save As” and save the form so that you can recall it later. If you save it in some cloud storage, you can view it on any of your devices. 

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