Happy New Year 2016

2015 saw an increase in trial sets over 2014 (131 to 142) and a corresponding increase in trial days (361 to 386). AKC was still in first place, CPE in second place but third place is shared by USDAA and UKI. USDAA had more trial days and UKI had more sets of trials. UKI has made significant strides with the first 3 sets of UKI trials being held in the fall of 2013. There were 62 sets of AKC trials and 27 sets of CPE trials. If you would like to see more of the statistics, go to Agility Trial Stats.

AKC announced the Premier Standard and JWW classes and integrated them into the National Agility Championship requirements and  the new Agility Grand Champion title. 

On the Floridaagilty.com front, 262 of you are subscribed to premiums and/or news via email. 337 of you like the Facebook page for the premium and news announcements and another 30 or so get the info via Twitter or Google+. Facebook offers some interesting sex and age demographics of those who like the Facebook page. 53% are women 55+ (20% 65+), 19% are women 45-54, 15% are 35-44 and it goes down from there. Men account for 5%.

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