Automated AKC Entry Form

I have created an automated AKC entry form. It automates filling of the trial dates and the calculation of the fees. The remainder of the form is the stock AKC PDF. The form can be filled in with your default information and saved.

For the trial dates, modify the default first trial date (1/1/2014) to the first date of the trial you are entering. Enter the date in the same format. The remaining three days will be calculated. It also calculates the day of the week.

For the entry fee calculations, you will need to enter the per run fees at the top. There are default values of 22/12/12/0/0/0 already entered (they were from a recent trial). You only need to be concerned with the maximum number of runs you will run in a day. If you are only entering the standard and jumpers you will only need the first two values. If you are entering optional classes, you can fill in the third through sixth as necessary. As you check the classes you are entering, the total fee will be calculated. 

ISC classes may cause a problem. I have seen clubs that have a separate pricing structure for ISC classes. If a club does not have a first/subsequent or a flat rate structure for ISC classes, it may require some creative thinking or use the standard form and compute the fees yourself. I do not think that we will see a great increase of ISC classes now that all jump heights are allowed since it is not a titling class. The new UKI venue brings international style courses with close to AKC jump heights. I have seen some clubs offer UKI trials like a match after an AKC trial. UKI allows you to declare a run Not For Competition and do training in the ring. 

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If you would like to comment, you can comment on this entry in Facebook or use the Contact Webmaster link at the bottom of each page on the web site. I would like to clean up the second section with drop down menus for Regular/Preferred, Jump height (regular/preferred sensitive), Standard Level, Jumpers Level, Fast level and ISC jump height selection. However, the form would then not be able to be filled in by hand.

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