30th Site Added

I just finished adding the 30th agility site. 39 in Florida and the Bainbridge, GA site used by the Tallahassee club for its July trial. I have entered the trials on the calendar for trials starting after May 31. I am mostly going by the sponsor web sites for the calendar information. There are a number of AKC trials after September that are not entered yet. I was tempted to look at last years schedule and add tentative dates for some of these but with the additional four trials allowed for each club the schedule may change a bit. For example, DTCT has added a trial at the end of September and I am assuming that they will still do their November trial. 

If you know of a site that I have missed, let me know. If you have some information that would be useful for a particular site, let me know. 

I think my next project will be to add the lodging to the trial site map and add a localized map to the Accommodations page for each site. That way you will be able to see the lodging options in relation to the trial site. 

I have also added a "camps & seminars" calendar to the calendar

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