2015 AKC Reg changes

Some interesting changes going into effect for the AKC agility on January 1, 2015.

As announced in the AKC Agility Judges blog and the AKC Agility Trial Secretary blog, there are a few new wrinkles that can be made available for agility trials.  https://akcagilitytrialsecretaries.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/special-event-and-non-regular-events-defined-by-the-club/

Special Event - This was probably precipitated by the Westminster Kennel Club “championship” this year. A club can hold one of these per year. It gives the club a lot more flexibility in the trial. One of the most important for the WKC championship is the entry requirements. For next year, the dog must have a MX & MXJ (or the preferred equivalents) and only two entries are allowed per envelope. Anyone want to host a Florida Agility Championship? 

Non-Regular Classes - In addition to the standard classes (Std, JWW, FAST, T2B), a club can hold non-regular classes. In addition to the ISC non-regular classes, the club can make up their own class. The runs in non-regular classes do not count in a Judge’s 330 run limit.

Look for the blue insert in the manual (does anyone else find the cover of this edition hard to read? - black on dark blue)


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