Agility Equipment Vendors

The following is a list of agility equipment vendors. Sources include equipment from backyard play equipment to competition grade equipment. Since shipping this equipment can be significant, the order is roughly by the distance from Florida (i.e., Florida would be at the top of the list and Washington state at the bottom of the list). You can also check sites like, and for equipment (especially light duty backyard items).

Some companies like Max 200 and M.A.D. Agility rent equipment for trials and you can buy the equipment at the trial or order for delivery at the trial and save on shipping (both usually come to the AKC agility Invitational and the AKC NAC). Ideally they will travel home with an empty truck! They operate mostly in the North East and Mid-Atlantic part of the country. 

If you know of other vendors, let me know via the webmaster link. 

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